2016-2017 Preseason All-American Teams

College basketball this season is full of established and potential stars. The freshman class features elite talent in guys like Harry Giles, Josh Jackson and Markelle Fultz and De’Aaron Fox, just to name a few. There are also guys that came back to school like Grayson Allen, Melo Trimble and Ivan Rabb. All the talent in college basketball this season makes it both intriguing, as well as tough to pick out just 15 guys for our All-American teams. But we did our best to narrow our list of elite players down to three teams of five. So without further ado, here are our preseason All-American teams.

First Team All-America 

(Stats from 2015-2016 season)

Grayson Allen, Duke (21.6 PPG, 4.6 RPG, 3.5 APG)

Josh Hart, Villanova (15.5 PPG, 6.8 RPG, 1.2 SPG)

Melo Trimble, Maryland (14.8 PPG, 4.9 APG)

Tyler Lydon, Syracuse (10.1 PPG, 6.3 RPG, 1.8 BPG)

Ivan Rabb, Cal (12.5 PPG, 8.5 RPG)

That’s right. Right after we told you the freshman class is full of potential stars, we put none of them on the first team. While at the end of the season there will most likely be a freshman on this team, it’s so hard to predict how they’ll do before we see them in live action. All five of these guys are proven and look to even take the next step this season. Grayson Allen is the best player on the arguably the best team in college basketball. Whether you hate him or love him, there’s no denying Allen’s ability to take over a game. He could be the face of college basketball this season. Josh Hart put up huge numbers last year and those will only grow this season. He’ll assume more offensive responsibility with the loss of Ryan Arcidiacono and more rebounding responsibilities with Daniel Ochefu gone. He was the best player for the national champions last year and we can’t begin to imagine the lines he’ll put up in some games this year. Melo Trimble is coming off a disappointing sophomore season by his standards and didn’t quite live up to the hype. But he still put up close to 15 points a game and is one of the best PGs in college basketball. There are two ways to look at how all the departures Maryland is facing will affect Trimble: Defenses will be able to lock in specifically on him, which could lead to a frustrating season or the more responsibility will lead to him looking for his shot more and allowing him to get hot more often. We’ll take the latter and say Trimble lives up to the hype, and more, this year. Tyler Lydon is the most debatable player we have on the first team. We could’ve went with a freshman like Josh Jackson, but we love what we see in Lydon. As a freshman he proved to be a force on both ends of the floor. With a season under his belt in Boeheim’s system and a whole off-season to to get stronger and improve, we could see Lydon’s numbers going from 10 and 6 a game to 15+ and 10+ a game. Ivan Rabb rounds out our first team. Rabb surprised people by coming back to schools and will undoubtedly be the man at Cal this season. He nearly averaged a double-double as a freshman. Like Lydon, with a whole season under his belt and an off-season to get stronger and improve his skills, we don’t think there’s any doubt Rabb will be the best big in the nation this season.

Second Team All America

Monte Morris, Iowa State (13.8 PPG, 6.9 APG, 1.8 SPG)

Josh Jackson, Kansas (Freshman)

Markelle Fultz, Washington (Freshman)

Dillon Brooks, Oregon (16.7 PPG, 5.4 RPG, 3.1 APG) Only thing keeping him off the first team is health concerns

Thomas Bryant, Indiana (11.9 PPG, 5.8 RPG)

Third Team All America

Nigel Williams-Goss, Gonzaga (Sat out last season after transferring from Washington. 2014-2015 stats at UW: 15.6 PPG, 4.7 RPG, 5.9 APG)

Justin Jackson, North Carolina (12.2 PPG, 3.9 RPG)

Jaron Blossomgame, Clemson (18.7 PPG, 6.7 RPG)

Alec Peters, Valparaiso (18.4 PPG, 8.4 RPG)

De’Aaron Fox, Kentucky (Freshman)


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