Bracket Prediction: January 10

The new year is here and the college football season has came to a close. What do those two things mean? We’re getting closer and closer to March Madness! As conference play is getting underway, teams are starting to show their real colors. We’re getting a better idea of how good teams really are. Therefore, we think it’s time to release our first bracket prediction since the preseason. This bracket is our projection of what we think the field will look like on Selection Sunday. It is not if the season ended today.

NOTE: None of us our official bracketologists, so there may be some flaws in our bracket. We don’t care. Deal with it.

East Region (New York)

Buffalo, New York
1. Villanova
16.NC Central/Houston Baptist
8. Minnesota
9. Dayton
Orlando, Florida
5. Arizona
12. Chattanooga
4. Virginia
13. UT Arlington
Tulsa, Oklahoma
6. Xavier
11. UNC Wilmington
3. Baylor
14. Belmont
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
7. Wichita State
10. Seton Hall
2. Wisconsin
15. Florida Gulf Coast

West Region (San Jose)

Indianapolis, Indiana
1. Kentucky
16. Fairleigh Dickinson
8. USC
9. Kansas State
Buffalo, New York
5. Indiana
12. Middle Tennessee
4. West Virginia
13. Oakland
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
6. Saint Mary’s
11. Houston/Northwestern
3. Creighton
14. Princeton
Sacramento, California
7. Michigan State
10. Clemson
15. UC Irvine

Midwest Region (Kansas City)

Tulsa, Oklahoma
1. Kansas
16. Texas Southern/UNC Asheville
8. Miami
9. South Carolina
Salt Lake City, Utah
5. Florida State
12. Michigan/Rhode Island
4. Butler
13. Monmouth
Sacramento, California
6. Notre Dame
11. Arkansas
3. Oregon
14. Ohio
Greenville, South Carolina
7. Iowa State
10. VCU
2. North Carolina
15. New Mexico State

South Region (Memphis)

Greenville, South Carolina
1. Duke
16. North Dakota
8. SMU
9. Texas Tech
Orlando, Florida
5. Cincinnati
12. Nevada
4. Purdue
13. Fort Wayne
Indianapolis, Indiana
6. Florida
11. Cal
3. Louisville
14. Vermont
Salt Lake City, Utah
7. Virginia Tech
10. Maryland
2. Gonzaga
15. Bucknell

Agree or disagree with our predictions? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or tweet them at us (@madness2017).


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