Top 25: Week 11

Once again, we have a new squad atop our top 25. Baylor claimed the number one spot last week, but proceeded to get drilled in Morgantown by West Virginia. The Bears dropped to #5 this week, opening up spots 1-4. We could’ve went a lot of different directions at the top spot, but we decided to give the honor to Kansas. The Jayhawks have won 16 in a row since falling in OT to Indiana on opening night. Behind Kansas is Villanova, who clobbered Xavier this past week. UCLA comes in at #3 after defeating Colorado and surviving Utah. Then at #4 is Gonzaga, who stayed undefeated on Saturday with a convincing win over a very goo Saint Mary’s squad. All four of our top four teams have great arguments to be #1 right now, which should make the next few weeks of play very interesting. This season is starting to feel a lot like last season, which saw a revolving door of teams at the top spot in the rankings.

Below are our complete rankings.

1. Kansas

2. Villanova


4. Gonzaga

5. Baylor

6. Kentucky

7. West Virginia

8. Creighton

9. Oregon

10. North Carolina

11. Notre Dame

12. Florida State

13. Louisville

14. Butler

15. Arizona

16. Wisconsin

17. Virginia

18. Cincinnati

19. Florida

20. Duke

21. Saint Mary’s

22. Purdue

23. Xavier

24. Maryland

25. South Carolina


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