2017-2018 Preseason Bracketology

Yes, preseason brackets are meaningless. None of us know what’s going to happen this season. We don’t know which players have worked their tails off in the off-season and are ready to take a huge step, which players got complacent, what teams have great (or poor) chemistry, which players, God forbid, are going to get hurt or even which players are going to be eligible. You’d have better luck playing archery in a 50 mph crosswind blindfolded. But preseason brackets are also fun. It’s fun to predict where teams may end up, think about potential tournament match-ups and then see how wrong you were come March. So, here’s my guess at what the 2018 NCAA Tournament bracket might look like.

Note: The West and Midwest region are on one side of the bracket and the East and South are on the other.

West Region

San Diego, CA
1 Arizona vs 16 Saint Francis (PA)/Morgan State
8 Missouri vs 9 Maryland
Boise, ID
5 Purdue vs 12 Bucknell
4 Xavier vs 13 UT Arlington
Nashville, TN
6 Gonzaga vs 11 Michigan/Stanford
3 Miami (FL) vs 14 Western Michigan
Nashville, TN
7 Providence vs 10 SMU
2 Kentucky vs 15 UNC Asheville

Midwest Region

Wichita, KS
1 Kansas vs 16 Long Beach State
8 Virginia vs 9 Oregon
Boise, ID
5 UCLA vs 12 Missouri State
4 Minnesota vs 13 Yale
Charlotte, NC
6 Northwestern vs 11 Rhode Island
3 North Carolina vs 14 New Mexico State
Pittsburgh, PA
7 Baylor vs 10 Alabama
2 Villanova vs 15 Stephen F Austin

East Region

Detroit, MI
1 Michigan State vs 16 Idaho/Texas Southern
8 Butler vs 9 Oklahoma
Dallas, TX
5 Texas A&M vs 12 Charleston
4 Louisville vs 13 Vermont
Pittsburgh, PA
6 TCU vs 11 Creighton vs VCU
3 Florida vs 14 Belmont
Wichita, KS
7 Virginia Tech vs 10 Wisconsin
2 Wichita State vs 15 Iona

South Region

Charlotte, NC
1 Duke vs 16 South Dakota State
8 Nevada vs 9 Iowa
Dallas, TX
5 Saint Mary’s vs 12 Oakland
4 West Virginia vs 13 Middle Tennessee
Detroit, MI
6 Seton Hall vs 11 Arkansas
3 Cincinnati vs 14 FGCU
San Diego, CA
7 Notre Dame vs 10 Texas Tech
2 Southern Cal vs 15 Samford

Last Four Byes: Texas Tech, SMU, Wisconsin, Arkansas
Last Four In: Michigan, Stanford, Creighton, VCU
First Four Out: Florida State, Texas, Oregon State, Temple


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